Monday, April 19, 2010

Orchid Update....

Wow, just checking and it was April 3rd when I last showed you my oldest orchid that was sending up a new bloom... So 2 weeks later it has finally opened enough to show you the flower.

This first picture is shows all three orchids. The new bloom is the dark purple one, and the branch of pink orchids is actually closer to the camera lens than the purple. If I remember right, the purple will turn it's face a little more upward so you can see it better. But I couldn't wait to show you.

So with a little help (me tipping the orchid back), here is a direct view of the face of the flower. Isn't it just gorgeous? I think so! The deep purple in the lower center is bucket shaped. And to me, it looks like fluid may run from the center of the flower down into the bucket. Now I can remember why I picked this as my first orchid. I always have liked the unusual!

OK, just a quick look at some of my tulips. I actually have bulbs in three different areas. One area is now flowering. This is just a little patch of dirt beside the driveway where our gas meter is. Yes, I definitely need something else in this area, but the flowers are so pretty, I just wanted to share... My rows are too far apart, so maybe a few of the bulbs I have in the house will go in the empty spots.

The little tulip in the top left corner is such a pretty color, I took a close up of it. The one in the back beside it will be the same color when it opens.

And this is a group of tulips along the back fence. I can't wait till their flowers appear!

Have a great day. I hope you are enjoying the spring flowers too.

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Jeff said...

You have a fence now?!?