Monday, April 5, 2010

Water Falls and Wedding Rings

The Wedding Rings that I want to show you is my latest quilt project. But first I want to show you where we went on Easter afternoon. First you need to know that most of the snow in our area has melted, but we still have spots of snow all over. The drift in my back yard is now only a couple feet high, but it is that last of the snow in my yard. When the snow melts around here, it flows into little streams, and then into larger streams.

While at church Easter morning we talked with some friends that had gone to a small church to do some mission work - repairs, painting, etc. During their break, they went to see the waterfall created by snow melt runoff. This waterfall is on Indian Reservation land, and generally lasts for only a few weeks. It is only about an hour from home, so we wanted to go see the falls while they were still flowing. After the last ten miles (on dirt road) we came to the river. It was pretty wide, and flowing right along. You can see little "falls" that were about a foot drop each. On the far shore, on the top of the hill, is a building. Not sure if it is a house, or some other ranch building.

Then I walked a little bit down river and took this picture. Hmm, looks like more is going on, and we could see vehicles a little farther down the river. So we got back into the truck, and found our way to the lower area to look at the falls...

This is the view from the side of the falls. Wow, it really is a waterfall. I walked farther around the bank, and kept taking pictures. (I took almost 60 pictures, but I won't bore you will all of them - lol). Notice the spray coming up from the falls. The side of the truck was coated with dried spray when we got back to it.

Below you can see about 3/4 of the width of the falls. For a size reference, notice the small structures on the top of the cliff. These are shade structures you can stand under. Also, if you enlarge the picture, and magnify it, you will see several people standing next to the structures. Next, notice the gap in the lowest falls. In the space before the water goes over this last falls, on the right side of the gap, is a HUGE log - the trunk of a large pine tree. You will have to magnify the picture to see it. It is probably at least 18 inches in diameter! My hubby told me this is probably a 400-600 foot drop from the first picture to the bottom of the falls.

And to think... All this will be gone in a few weeks.

Next I want to share my Easter gift from hubby. A new orchid plant. This one has large white flowers. Very appropriate for Easter, I think.

And last (finally!!) I want to show you my Wedding Ring table runner. I still need to quilt it, but I did a pillow case turn, so the edges are already finished, and the batting is inside. I've already sewn closed the opening in the back that I used to turn it right side out. I'm pretty pleased with it. I think when I quilt it, I'm going to outline the arcs and put something fancy in the three centers. Maybe something in the little "football" areas too.

But for now, this will go with the other things I need to quilt. I still want to finish the borders on the 2007 BOM quilt top. Then I will have enough ready to quilt and I will take that machine in for service, and use the Juki to quilt all these items. It kind of eases the separation of having the machine in for service, if I have projects to do on the other machine!!
Leave me a note as to what you think of the table runner, and the waterfall!!

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