Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Project FINISHED!

Finally I have a finish to show you.... OK, it is NOT anything to do with quilting, but I did use my sewing machine. I have made 12 of these patches, and you see three of them below. The two not on the shooting pouches have just been glued on, and they will be dry tomorrow morning. That will make all twelve finished! Oh, what is SCTP? It stands for Scholastic Clay Target Program. It is a program sponsored by Game and Fish (in Arizona), but is a National Program. Youth are taught proper handling of shotguns, and compete in Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays. State Champions go to National. The first year of this program in Arizona, my husband coached some of the youth that went to National, and one placed 1st in trap in the nation. What an honor.

Anyway, these are the pouches the Williams Bird Busters youth will use to hold their boxes of shot gun shells. I really hope they like them.

Next is a picture of my raised garden box my hubby constructed. It is 4 ft by 10 ft, and 18 inches high. This picture is before I planted anything, but I now have tomatoes and cabbage in the frame. The new plants have either "wall of water" around them, or I have sheet plastic over the top to prevent freezing at night It is again going to be getting "cold", and maybe some more snow. I may have to put a light under the plastic to keep them warm.

And talking about snow - we did have a storm last week. No, the bushes below are not flowering, that is snow stuck all over them. I actually was driving in my car, and drove around the block to come back and take this picture.
But now some real spring pictures: This is one of my daffodil bulbs.

And a few more of my daffodils, and that little plant on the right is actually an iris. I thought it was dead, but obviously I was wrong. I have a second of these iris plants, but don't see any sign of life from it yet. But I still have my fingers crossed.

Yes, I know I seem a little obsessed with my tulips and daffodils, but this is the first year I have ever had any. And I love them!! Below is the first buds on the crab apple we planted last fall. they are getting bigger, and I'll take another picture after the tree looks like it has leaves. (LOL)

And below are the first leaves appearing on the wild rose plants I transplanted last fall. I understand that these will multiply by runners, and I'm hoping I get a few more of these. The plants will have small pink flowers when they bloom. I hope I get some blooms this year! (I hope they get big enough I can call them bushes! LOL)

OK, a few more tulip pictures: I showed you this before, but there were fewer flowers, and now I have added 6 other little plants. You can see three of them on the left, and the other three are on the right, just out of the picture. I can't remember what they are called, but they should spread and fill the area. So the tulips will appear first each year, and then the other plants. I'm going to get some more of these plants, when the nursery has smaller pots ready to be transplanted. I'll show you more pictures when these new plants have flowers.

And this is my last picture today. Of course it is another tulip. This is a group out front, and is one of 12 bulbs that were supporting raising funds for breast cancer. I love the two tone petals, and that they are pointed. This is the first flower, and I think I will have more in the next few days, if we don't get weather that kills them all. (Our wind has blown all day today. Max speed was 43 mph, and maybe snow tomorrow??? Ugg!)

Oh, I have started working on a quilt that will be a gift for my secret sister. It is more of an arty quilt. I'll show it when I get a little more done.
Leave me a comment so I know you were here. What projects have you been working on??

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