Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tulips and Orchid

First I want to show you some of the tulips I have planted in the house. If you remember, I had too many bulbs last fall, and did not get them all planted. A couple of weeks ago I found they were starting to grow, so I stuck them in dirt. Now, I did not have enough pots, so I "made do" with anything I could find. Here are two of the cut off plastic gallon milk containers....

I can't wait to see what the pink/yellow flower looks like when it opens. Maybe that will be tomorrow. Doesn't it look interesting???

Here is another "pot" with two red and a yellow bloom. And they smell so nice too!

Now I want to show you the orchid progress. If you remember, the bud was about leaf level, and was just a teardrop shape (upside down teardrop!) Now look at it... the stem is 3 times as tall, and what I think will be the flower has emerged from the bud.

Here is a close up of the bud. The top portion was all there was before. The larger part hanging down is new. I have no idea how much longer before the flower opens, or if there are more "steps" before it becomes a flower. I'll post the next development when it happens.

Have a great night!

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