Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tulips, garden starts, and Quilt Blocks

It's been fun to watch the tulips grow in the house. I wanted to show you the orange-yellow one when it was open. I just love this color.

My garden starts (tomatoes and cabbage are below. The tomatoes look like they are doing great, but my cabbage is a little sad. They have had a "greenhouse" lid over the top, but I've pulled that off for now. I learned a lesson in that one of the tomatoes and three of the cabbage seeds did not germinate, so I planted a couple more seeds in those "pots". My lesson is that I need to plant more than one seed and then thin, even in the house. (yes, I know, DUH!!). You might have trouble seeing them, but there is a little tomato and two small cabbage plants that have come up. This is an experiment this year, so we will see if we get anything to eat from all of this....

And last I want to show you this year's block of the month progress. I just finished the April block, and put the 7 finished blocks up on my design wall, in order. (the bottom left is the new block. These really aren't my colors, but it is growing on me. This is a Marti Mitchell template quilt, and I think the templates really do help with the accuracy!!

And if you are helping us with the recreation center votes on the Pepsi refresh site, please remember to keep voting. You can vote once a day. and log in before you vote, or your vote does not register. (Yep, I discovered this myself!!)

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