Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm thinking I should start posting every month the quilty things I want to get done. I'm already at the 9th of this month, but it probably is better to start now than wait until the beginning of next month. So here goes:

1. I've been trying to get a stock-pile of things to quilt, so I can take the machine I use for piecing in to get it serviced. At this point, I think all I have left is to finish the borders on my 2007 Block of the Month from Odegaards. The first border is on, so just 2 more borders to cut and sew. Then I can start quilting on my little stock pile.

2, 3, and 4. I have three quilts from my charity quilt group that I said I would quilt. We normally tie all the quilts (I guess they are really comforters then, aren't they!) Anyway, I have three of these to get quilted.

5 and 6. The batik table runner and table/candle mat need to be quilted

7. The wedding ring table runner needs to be quilted. It would be really good if I could get this done by Monday, as I started this in my neighborhood group, and I'd like to take it finish to our meeting on Monday. But not sure that can happen if I stick to my plan to finish the borders on the BOM first.

8. Quilt the 2007 BOM. This is a queen size quilt, so it will take a while. But, boy, will it feel good to get this quilt finished!!

I guess I should have 2 more items to make an even ten. I don't think I will plan on having ten each month, but....

9. I almost forgot that I also have a table topper to quilt. It is blue and rose colored, with roses in the fabric design.

10. I also want to start cutting out the pieces for the pieced sashing on the 2009/2010 BOM. Once the pieces are cut, I can start sewing them together. BUT I will wait for the sewing of these until my machine is back from being serviced. Otherwise I will never get it in (for service). But if I get tired of quilting, I can do some cutting!

So that makes 10 items to do the rest of this month. I won't beat myself up if I don't finish all 10, but it is nice to have a priority list to work from, and it will be nice to finish some of these up. (And bonus.... numbers 5, 6, and 7 are pillowcase style, so they won't need binding after quilting. They will be "done done" after I make labels for them!!

OK, I know you are saying "why can't you get the borders on, and get the wedding ring quilted by Monday. Well, I'm having fun tomorrow (see below) and then church on Sunday. And I need to get plastic lining the wood box hubby has made to be used as a raised garden. We think it will be better to line the sides with plastic, to keep some of the moisture off the wood sides. The bottom will be open.

So at the end of April, if I don't report right away what I've got accomplished, please keep me honest, and remind me to post where I'm at!!

OH, and the fun planned for tomorrow - I'm going with my friend Judy to the quilt show in Prescott. We leave here about 9am. I'll take my camera, and see if they will let me take pictures.
Have a great night.

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