Monday, May 10, 2010

Bits of Progress

I need to make the blocks and sew on one more row to the bottom of this quilt. Then I'm going to call it ready for batting and backing! The reason the last row is not done, is that I will take it to my neighborhood quilt group tomorrow morning (Monday). I want to show them how I add the yellow corners on each block, then how I trim the blocks. One of the other ladies was just given THREE kitchen trash bags FULL of scraps. So we think this will be an appropriate quilt to demo tomorrow. I have enjoyed making this quilt, and think it is really pretty. Just don't look at my seams! They don't always meet correctly, and I really didn't care as I sewed it together.

Then I also made a little progress on my horse quilt. I have permanently set all the fusible, and added the border "frame". next, I will pillowcase it, and then quilt it. I'm going to first try sewing a small sleeve to the back before putting the front and back together. I'll keep the sleeve in the border, as I don't plan to quilt in that area. I'm pretty happy with this too.

But I need to get to bed, so I can think tomorrow at the neighborhood quilt group. Have a great day tomorrow!!

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