Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Odds and Ends...

My china hutch has finally been dusted/polished. No, not the quick, outside type cleaning, but the inside. Everything came out, mirrored back and glass shelved cleaned with glass cleaner, wood with wood cleaner, all items dusted/polished/cleaned as needed and put back inside. Door glass cleaned inside and out. It has needed this for a long time, and is now very sparkly! At least I've done one productive thing today. And this chore should not need to be done for hopefully another year!!

Last night, my hubby and I attended a very nice wedding. The bride was beautiful, and the groom was dashing. Both were warm and cordial to all the guests. We had a great time, and wish them both a wonderful marriage!

Molly update: She still does not like to be touched. Well let me rephrase that... She begs to be loved, "but don't touch me". It is taking us 15 minutes to catch her to go somewhere, and I think that is setting her back a little. We now are leaving her leash on, as it makes it a little easier to catch her. But we will take it off tonight, so she does not get into trouble while we are sleeping! We are watching her pretty closely with the leash on her. She is such a smart dog, but then she would have had to be to survive 5 weeks in the cold. She seems to like to collect things - bubble wrap, the bare floor brush for the vacuum, dad's shoes and socks, Jenny's food bowl as well as her own food bowl, plastic bags... well you get the idea. OH, the best thing, (and the one she did not want to let go of) was she managed to get a meat can out of the recycle bin. Oh, that was a prize. We played tease mom with it for about 5 minutes. Today I took her on a walk, and maybe she will get another walk before the evening. -- Jeff, she rivals KD, maybe even more so!!

Oh, and funny! We can't get our fence installed until June. So we have a temporary fence up so Molly could have a little freedom outside. Today, I was on the other side of the temp fence, doing things in the yard, and Molly was in the fenced area. I went around the house and in the other door. Looking through the window, I could see the fence was really sagging next to the house. Sure enough, I went outside, and Molly was looking at me from the outside of the fence. D***. I quickly went back through the house to head out the other door, but something made me turn around and look back. Molly was now inside the door, give me a "now where are you going" look. Just too funny. And very good to know that she didn't take off. I think she likes it here, she just doesn't feel totally safe with us yet. Yes, we secured the fence back up. Hopefully it will hold her until the real fence is in.

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