Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fabric Weaving...

Last night I worked until after 2 am on weaving fabric for my jacket. OK, I had to cut it, and instead of sewing tubes, I used a bias maker, and made strips that way. I also ironed on some of that web stuff, so when I get the piece all woven together, I can press it, and make it stick together (I hope) LOL I generally have to do it "my way", and get some interesting results that way. I need to make a few more strips, and finish weaving it together.

Now to celebrate our move a year ago, I've decided to have a give-away. Some FQ's. And as I live in a small western town, they will have a western theme. (After all, we do have a gun fight in the downtown streets every night during the week.) So tomorrow I'll post a pic of the fabrics, and start gathering your names.

Earlier today, I was reading the stashbuster email, and heard what people use for stilettos. There were several items people used, and I was surprised to read that one of the people on the list use porcupine quills. I learned about these a couple years ago, and love using them. The little fine barbs hold the fabric but don't damage it, and it does not hurt your needle if you sew over the quill. Hmm, I think I'll add one to my give-away!

Going to go work on the weaving - maybe finish it!! See you all tomorrow.

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