Thursday, March 13, 2008

The quilt top

This is a picture of the quilt top I finished yesterday. I'm don't think the picture is very good. The color of the strips between the flower panels is a soft mint green. In our group, we work with the fabric we have. Let's see if a close up is any better at the color. I guess it is a little better, if you click on the picture. Anyway, the solid and striped mint green someone had cut up to use as wide bindings. I used the pieces that had not been folded up yet. And the flower fabric you see, I used every bit of what was available. So, good use of scraps that were up in the attic (where we keep the material). The next top I'm going to sew are blocks that were already cut, in a dark green, and a green print. It will be very different from this one.
Oh, and Brenda let me know I had a setting wrong, and no one could post to my give-away. All fixed now, or at least I think so. If any experienced bloggers have any suggestions for me, they will be accepted with gratitude!!
Thanks everyone.

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