Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little more progress

The placemats and napkins are getting a little closer to done. Actually the napkins are done, and I'm pretty pleased with them. I now need to bind the placemats, and think I'd like to do a piped binding. Of course, the instructions from the class I took must still be in a box somewhere in the garage, so I'm trying to wing it. I found some instructions using google, but they are not quite the same. I'm trying to figure out if the piping and binding have to be bias, or can they be on-grain. Sure would be easier on-grain, and the placemats are square, so I think it should work... Hmm, maybe I should just do one first, and see how I like it. OK, that is what I will do. So maybe tomorrow I'll get that done.

Have a good night all.

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Lisa Boyer said...

Aloha Vicki! Yeah, if it's square, go ahead and do it on the straight of grain. I usually always do binding on the straight unless I'm doing scalloped edges, or if I'm trying to do a special effect with a stripe. I love to cut striped fabric on the diagonal because it looks like peppermint sticks. Good luck with your mats!