Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Dance, Time to Party!!

Happy, Happy. Woooo Hooo. An what has brought on this case of extremely happy-itis you ask? Is it a UFO finished? a new quilt pattern?

Well no, but those things can come next. No, it is Happy time because, I have completed the Tax work booklet for the accountant. It and the backup of the company books goes to the accountant tomorrow. I've been dreading the paperwork, but have finally pushed through it, and it is finally ready. Now I can start dreading the results of the accountant's work, but hey, I think I'll wait until next week to worry about that!!

What's that? oh, yea. A pic of the green checkerboard quilt. Well, really it is nothing very special, and not all that big. Lap size. OK, OK. I'll go take a picture!
OK, so now does that make you happy? Don't look too close at the corners. A couple are off a bit.
And on to my UFO finish so I can skip being Queen... the fabric for the binding is in the washer as I type. So cool. OH, I can hear my mom saying "Well darn, I need to get busy on my chair cushions. LOL.
And one more Happy Day, my eldest (Jeff) will be pulling into our driveway any minute now. He'd be here already, but I forgot to tell him our main road in is closed, and the tunnel is flooded from melting snow. (Well my husband didn't think to tell him either. And we will have fun. Jeff is bringing his two dogs. This will be our first meeting with George. We have already met KD. Jenny (our dog) can hardly wait.
Take care. Join me in sewing tomorrow, OK?

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Brenda said...

I like your colors,I enjoy the squares. Probablly because both of my grandmothers made me quilts with small squares. Thanks for visiting my site, it is exciting (in a weird way, I guess) to know that someone actually made a comment.

Are you having a good time with all of your guests? Frankie, Dodger and Chicca had Kevin and I almost in tears last night from laughter. Chicca plays fetch with hair ties. Well, the dogs just had to get in on the fun last night and Chicca would run down the hallway after it with two dogs following close behind. A couple of times, in her teasing way she would let one of them bring it back in-but she was always the first one down the hall. I hope you have a good time.