Sunday, March 23, 2008

So when is the drawing??? Inquiring minds want to know!

Hmm, I was reading back through my posting for my give-away, to make sure I do what I promised. And, oops, I never stated when the entries will be closed, just that I would do the drawing sometime tomorrow. I think my thought was that I would close today, but because I did not state that, I will close the entries to the contest at noon tomorrow, and make the drawing shortly after that. (OK, This will be a challenge for me, as I'm not the least little bit conscious of time passing.) So I will do my best, but I will make the after noon tomorrow, March 24.

We had a very nice Easter. My eldest Jeff was here, and we went for Easter pancake breakfast the youth at church put on, and then to service. Our minister keeps things lively (would you believe he threw a softball during service a few weeks ago, and it hit the back wall of the sanctuary? Yes, really!!) Jeff left after lunch, and made it home safely. To the right you can see a picture of Jeff with George (lower left, Australian Shepard) and KD (upper right, Australian Cattle Dog) They are each almost a year old, and full of energy. George is Jeff's newest dog, and he is definitely calming KD down. He has one brown eye, and one blue eye, even tho it does not show in the photo. He is very sweet. KD is an imp, and likes to pull all the stuffing out of the dog toys. She never tears them up, just pops the stitches in the seams, and pulls all the stuffing out. She is also deaf, but compensates by watching EVERYTHING! Our Jenny is 9, and about twice as big as these two. She had a great time playing with them, but is very tired tonight.

Now changing subject, I'm working on my UFO, hoping to have a finish before I become Queen. There are only 2 ladies-in-waiting ahead of me, so I need to make some progress! I cut the fabric tonight for the napkins that go with my Mom's placemats, so there is that progress, and I need to make the final decisions on the placemat bindings. (Hmm, piping or not??) I also realized that this next Saturday is my BOM meeting. And I have not even cut the fabric for this months block!! Wow, I've got sewing to do this week. Guess I better head into the sewing room, and sew for an hour or so before I head to bed.

See you all tomorrow, and good luck with the contest.

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