Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Satisfaction in Progress

There really is satisfaction in progress! This afternoon I finally settled down to work on my mom's placemats and napkins. Actually I just worked on the napkins tonight. I have one completely done, and the other five are ready for their final top-stitching. I may finish these tomorrow morning. Then I need to make the binding for the placemats, and get it put together. thinking also that I should make a hot pad that matches to put under hot pans that are set on the table. (OK, scope creep just crept in! But it will be worth it.)

Also talking about my mom, I'm so happy for her. She recently ordered, and will soon receive one of the fairly large sewing table by Koala! She found a good sale, and bought it for herself. I think she will love it, and she deserves to have a great sewing room.

Take care, and have a great day sewing tomorrow.

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