Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time is Getting Short! Have you entered the give-away?

Check out March 10 to enter in my give-away. There are only a few more days to enter.

And several people who have entered have left very nice comments about the "cowboy quilt". I want to tell all of you that this quilt has found a home. At our last quilt group meeting, the final stitches were put into the binding of this quilt, and one of the quilters looked over and saw the quilt. Seems she has just started working part time for Meals on Wheels, and one of the elderly gentlemen she delivers meals to use to be an active cowboy. She thought he would really like the quilt and offered to the group that she would buy it for him. But that is not what our group is about. We told her, no, she could not buy it - But we wanted her to take it to him. Our quilts are given to those who need them, and we all were pleased that a real cowboy would get the cowboy quilt! It makes what we do, worth doing!! I can't wait to hear her report next week on when she delivered it to him.

Tomorrow I will try to post a pic of the next quilt top I just finished. It is a green solid, and green print checkerboard. I need to do the final pressing, but it will be ready for our next meeting.

And I'm getting awfully close to the top of the Queen's list in the Stashbusters UFO group. For those of you who do not know, you DO NOT want to be Queen. You get moved to the bottom of the list by finishing a UFO. Several posts ago, I determined I would work on my quilted jacket. I've made progress, but I don't want to rush the decisions on how to put it together. So I'm putting it on a short hold, and will finish the quilted placemats I started over a year ago for my mother. Basically, they need binding, and I will make matching napkins to go with them. I already have all the fabric to do this. All the colors in the fabrics match the colors in the painting behind my mom's dining table. It is an oil her step-dad did years ago. (Hear this Mom?? Are you working on recovering your chairs so they will match the new placemats and the picture?? Which one of us will get done first?? LOL)

It is late, and I need to get some sleep. Have a great day tomorrow!

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Brenda said...

I think it is fabulous that your cowboy quilt is going to a cowboy. I grew up in Wyoming and one of my uncles actually owned a huge ranch in Montana. Any one would be thrilled to own such a quilt but a cowboy will be extra gratified. Instantlly brings back memories and wonderful thoughts. I have started a blog of my own, it is nothing real interesting at this time, but hubby showed me how to download pictures last night. So here in a short while I will be going and playing around on it. It really is quit satisfying to write about what I am doing with the quilts. Here is the address
Bye for now. Brenda